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Eradicating the Sense of Incapability

I Make A Good Living - So Why Can't I Afford to Live?! 

Looking beyond financial incapability toward financial possibility


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Build Wealth

  • You’re early in your career, digging out of a mountain of college debt
  • Thinking about saving and investing
  • Maybe you’re married or considering it
  • You’ve bought your first home
  • If you have children, you’re planning for their future
  • You’re building a financial foundation upon which the your retirement and financial legacy rests

Manage Wealth

  • You’re moving up in your career, your stable financially
  • Reducing debt and staying debt- free, aggressive investing and saving
  • Looking for ways to reduce tax burdens & maximize your assets
  • Considering your options and planning for your retirement
  • Managing any health concerns and planning for long-term care
  • You’re in pre-retirement when you should be maximizing your assets, reducing debt and taxes and considering those things that can affect your retirement income, such as health concerns or other unexpected impacts

Distribute Wealth

  • Your 9 to 5 career is coming to a close and you’re considering less formal work options and more leisure time
  • Considering how best to distribute the wealth you’ve accumulated and managed over the past 40 years so that it outlasts you
  • Minimizing your taxable retirement income by getting tax neutral
  • Making certain your family’s financial legacy is secure
  • You’re finally ready for the good life and your retirement is on track – you’ve covered all the bases and are well-prepared for the remaining years of your life
  • Learn more about Eldercare Planning at Income Longevity

Want to Know More?

About Julie Ann Hepburn

Julie Ann Hepburn is the founder of National Private Client Group, Inc., a financial advisory firm headquartered in Chicago, which promotes sound wealth building principles that leave behind the broken system of typical financial planning.

Julie Ann’s three-part financial planning system, Self-Empowered Wealth Building , offers her clients across the country a combination of historically sound financial solutions, which focus on safeguarding principal, increasing the efficient use of investment dollars to build sustainable wealth, and creating long-term care solutions that ensure income longevity.

The ultimate goal is to provide a tax-efficient and cost-effective strategy to make sure that a client’s retirement funds outlive them.

Julie Ann is a licensed Life, Health and Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance professional and an Investment Advisor Representative (IRA) under the Prosperity Economic Partners Registered Investment Advisory (RIA). She is a member of the Prosperity Economics Movement Advisors’ Network and the Eldercare Financial Network.

She regularly speaks in venues around the country and hosts webinars to share new ideas and case studies on how clients are restructuring their financial position through her three-part Self-Empowered Wealth Building system. She is available to speak to private groups upon request.

NCPG Disclaimer

The information provided on this website, including all links and downloads, is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal, financial, or tax advice. You should consult with your attorney or other advisors to determine what may be best for your individual needs. National Private Client Group Inc., and its principal, Julie Ann Hepburn, are offering information and suggestions based on sound financial principles and solutions, which are used with our clients. We are not providing advisory services or establishing a client-advisor relationship in presenting this information. However, we are fully equipped to help you and your advisors navigate the most appropriate solutions based on your circumstances. Contact us at

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